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Our Customers

Most businesses want to keep their customers for as long as possible. While we have a deep connection with our consumers, nothing makes us more proud than to see them complete their financial recovery and move on.

Our relationship with our consumers is similar to that of a coach or teacher. We help motivate consumers to reach goals that may have been difficult without guidance and support. Many of our customers are grateful for a financial partner that helped them feel a sense of ownership and pride as they worked toward an important financial achievement.

We are extremely proud of the six million success stories we have helped create. By helping our customers and their families change their financial well-being, we are doing our part to help our country grow stronger.

We would love to help you create your own success story, one that you will remember throughout your life and can share with others.

If MCM has helped you during your financial journey, please call (800) 296-2657, we would love to hear your story.