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“Anita was very helpful and we came up with a great agreement. She wasn’t like other bill collectors; she was real nice and patient. She listened when others wouldn’t. That’s the only reason I paid.”
— Marcos V.

“[Ebony] went above and beyond. I had issues with (the original issuer), but Ebony did everything right… She went out of her way to help me, work with me, and had a great attitude.“
— Marian T.

“I like you guys, you are very professional, your representative is never pushy… I wish all my debts were handled by MCM.”
— Anonymous

“[Simon] heard my situation and made me feel special. He gives multiple solutions to me according to my situation and without his effort and help I wouldn’t have resolved this bill.”
— Anonymous

“I want to commend Ebony on her professional attitude and personality. She was a pleasure to work with and that is why I ended up paying. I have many debts, but chose to pay these first because of Ebony.”
— Antionette W.