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A different kind of company.

Who is MCM?

Midland Credit Management (MCM) is a company that helps consumers resolve past-due financial obligations. We empower our customers through education and payment plans, and help them return to a path toward improved financial health.

We take pride in our clear and honest communications with our customers. Your ultimate goal is to repay your debt, and we are familiar with the financial demands placed on you. We will work to find programs that provide you a payment schedule and the cash flow you need to meet your various obligations.

Customers often ask why Midland Credit Management is servicing their debt rather than the original lender. When a lender does not receive payment on an account for a specific amount of time, they may decide to close your account and turn it over to collections. Many lenders sell the right to collect on your account to companies like Midland Funding LLC or one of MCM’s affiliate companies. When this happens, MCM, which specializes in servicing these types of outstanding debt obligations, will begin servicing your account. MCM enjoys long-standing relationships with major financial institutions and retailers across the country, and we have earned their trust by helping people like you settle outstanding debt obligations.

Contact MCM representatives now at 877.240.2377, look over our personal payment options, or visit our help center.